The End of The World

Imagine if it were the end of the world. I have always assumed there would be green dusk-light and tigers. I have also assumed there would be dancing.

Below I have showcased some jewellery which I feel would be apocalypse appropriate. The end of the world would be the ultimate evening, the evening of everything, and we would wear the glittering sort of things which we had probably deemed too extravagant for time’s casual history. The following pieces are available to purchase HERE.



Hermits & Gold

As a child I built a small museum in a dark, upstairs corner-room of a barn. I have always been fascinated with the beautiful things which outlive us; how treasure is so subjective, often discarded for new hermits to inhabit. This blog is to archive my scavenging, the objects I find and what they might be.

I have a preference for a sort of dishevelled grandeur, like the fall of the aristocracy. I like tarnished things and broken things, I like ornate design subtly warped over time. I like intricately crafted small things. I like things which have been repaired or altered. I like things which contain pieces – of insects or people or names which may well have been forgotten.

Here are some examples of my favourite things…

The titles on this site are taken from lines of thoughts or poems. Here are my thoughts on Hermit Crabs..