Eat Your Emeralds

Healthy living is pretty fashionable at the moment, and a good way to appear as though you are eating lots of vegetables is to wear plenty of green jewellery. Glittering cabbage-water rhinestones or spinach-hued pendants, below is a selection of pieces, most of which are available for purchase in my SHOP.



Art for Walls…

It is rare that I ever buy myself a picture to hang on the wall. I think I have to know, instantly upon finding it, that I would like very much to look at it more, possibly for long time, and in the comfort of my own home. The other day I found myself in such a mindset and here is the result…

An Oriental silk embroidery of birds and flowers. It is hard to date, partly because I cannot read Chinese, and partly because the silk background is so aged and yellowed, yet the coloured threads are still so vivid.

Here are five other pictures acquired in a similar manner…

  1. A large black and white photograph of tall cliffs with a small single-manned boat drifting beneath. It is peaceful and still and reminds me of floating on low tides. I have no idea who took it or where it was taken, but I might perhaps like to go there.
  2. A gloriously trashy drawing of a girl, in very tight and very shiny low-slung pink leggings. Ripped from a 1970s porn magazine which was found in a shepherd’s hut in the middle of the Pennine fells.
  3. A blue-green metallic collage of a tree, a lake’s curved edge, and a castle, with a giant golden sun behind. I look at this in the mornings and often wish to live there because the sun is so low and so big.
  4. An old black and white photograph of an explosion. This I like because the explosion must be a purposeful one, as otherwise why would somebody be standing here ready with their camera? I like explosions when the aim is not violent, but just a general wish for loud noise and the necessary destruction.
  5. A moon-like face with black beams draining out below, by Lorna Graves. I can never tell if the face is asleep or just looking down, but it is tranquil and probably a good thing to look at after viewing the explosion photograph.


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The Breakfast Fantasy

Breakfast is an important ritual. I like to begin at half six to the sound of the dawn chorus through an open window. I like absolute peace and a full cafetiere of Italian roast coffee whilst I embark on a banana sandwich and the crossword. Every day I do not eat my crusts, and some days I long for something different…


Above, I imagine a more tropical setting: taking early morning tea in the company of a small lobster. There would be palm trees and green sea. There would be the quaint colonialism of English floral china offset against the kitsch of 1970s resort wear. Although the sun only just risen, I would probably wear long flowing gowns in shocking pink and too many pieces of large gold costume jewellery. We would have thin toast with marmalade.


The enamel spoon pictured is a 1980s Hawaii souvenir. The spoon is for sale HERE.
The spoon is the dream.

Below are some items to add to this context. I’m not saying you must buy all of these things and live out my Hawaiian crustacean fantasy, but the purchase of just one or two items would certainly give you a small sense of this exotic breakfast ideal.
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Here is a mythical cockerel bird with curling feathers and a slightly up-curved beak. He has short two-clawed feet, and looks a little frightening and a little shy. I’m sure you would look the same if sat central on a golden dish for everyone to gaze upon. He is an aged design with slight tarnish and warping, surrounded by floral and etched patterns, and what I have decided to refer to as flan edging. This plate is big enough for small cakes or nice tea from china cups, or could just be admired in a non-functional way. More details HERE.


Inlaid Geometry


A square is a square. We learn our basic shapes when we are very young, and then rarely challenge them again. Above is a fine example of inlay design. It is built in a pattern from three different woods, white bone, and polished black horn, and has recently been causing me to appreciate geometry and find myself questioning my perceptions of angles and circles.  Not for sale. This is my new favourite thing of all things. But below are some other interesting pieces listed in my SHOP



Windmills, 1910


Do you ever find yourself dreaming in the landscapes of rural Holland? Perhaps your mind escapes to tulip fields and old farm buildings and small birds in lightly clouded skies. If so, then here is the ideal brooch. Dating from 1910, a tranquil Dutch windmill depicted in delft porcelain on an intricate sterling silver filigree setting. More details on this item HERE.


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Condoms, Storage Solution


Here is a curious pot to put things in, a tiny and organised storage solution. Though you could keep whatever you liked in here, not just condoms. It is small and made of porcelain, the colour of old fashioned bathroom basins, with bronze frame and clasp to front. I have no idea of its age or origin, but it would be a fine addition to the bedside table of any orderly gentleman. You can purchase it HERE.

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Recent Insects


Here is a large bee I recently met. I had been away for the weekend and came home to find him asleep, all goldilocks style, right in the centre of my bed. We woke him up with some honey and a raindrop sized drink and sent him on his way. Insects are complex little things, as shown in the specimen below…


I found these locust wings in a box in an attic. They are papery thin dried membrane with an intricate map of veins, now safely flattened and preserved behind glass. You can buy this pendant HERE, or find more insects in the GALLERY.

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How to Make Things Disappear


A circular glass hologram set in 9ct gold.

Available to buy HERE. Or see below for more Egyptian stuff…

Archaeology of Childhood Imagination

youngAs a child I always wished to be an archaeologist. These are the artefacts I was hoping to find when digging in the garden. Things that look Egyptian or count as treasure or appear as though they may be magical. Mostly I found small pieces of broken pottery and the odd segment of clay pipe, which were still very much important as I was so certain they were a sign of eventual gold. Click on an image to view in slide-show. Some of the pieces are available to purchase HERE.

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