The Breakfast Fantasy

Breakfast is an important ritual. I like to begin at half six to the sound of the dawn chorus through an open window. I like absolute peace and a full cafetiere of Italian roast coffee whilst I embark on a banana sandwich and the crossword. Every day I do not eat my crusts, and some days I long for something different…


Above, I imagine a more tropical setting: taking early morning tea in the company of a small lobster. There would be palm trees and green sea. There would be the quaint colonialism of English floral china offset against the kitsch of 1970s resort wear. Although the sun only just risen, I would probably wear long flowing gowns in shocking pink and too many pieces of large gold costume jewellery. We would have thin toast with marmalade.


The enamel spoon pictured is a 1980s Hawaii souvenir. The spoon is for sale HERE.
The spoon is the dream.

Below are some items to add to this context. I’m not saying you must buy all of these things and live out my Hawaiian crustacean fantasy, but the purchase of just one or two items would certainly give you a small sense of this exotic breakfast ideal.
(click on an image to view slide show)




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