Art for Walls…

It is rare that I ever buy myself a picture to hang on the wall. I think I have to know, instantly upon finding it, that I would like very much to look at it more, possibly for long time, and in the comfort of my own home. The other day I found myself in such a mindset and here is the result…

An Oriental silk embroidery of birds and flowers. It is hard to date, partly because I cannot read Chinese, and partly because the silk background is so aged and yellowed, yet the coloured threads are still so vivid.

Here are five other pictures acquired in a similar manner…

  1. A large black and white photograph of tall cliffs with a small single-manned boat drifting beneath. It is peaceful and still and reminds me of floating on low tides. I have no idea who took it or where it was taken, but I might perhaps like to go there.
  2. A gloriously trashy drawing of a girl, in very tight and very shiny low-slung pink leggings. Ripped from a 1970s porn magazine which was found in a shepherd’s hut in the middle of the Pennine fells.
  3. A blue-green metallic collage of a tree, a lake’s curved edge, and a castle, with a giant golden sun behind. I look at this in the mornings and often wish to live there because the sun is so low and so big.
  4. An old black and white photograph of an explosion. This I like because the explosion must be a purposeful one, as otherwise why would somebody be standing here ready with their camera? I like explosions when the aim is not violent, but just a general wish for loud noise and the necessary destruction.
  5. A moon-like face with black beams draining out below, by Lorna Graves. I can never tell if the face is asleep or just looking down, but it is tranquil and probably a good thing to look at after viewing the explosion photograph.


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