The Precious Limits of Gold & Man

In the above picture I am probably around four years old, dressed as a very determined bride and armed with a baby and an orange plastic spanner. In the background my brother is wearing some really excellent yellow socks. On the theme of weddings….


Here is a very beautiful Georgian ring, dating from around the 1830s, with five little natural pearls and a small red stone which might be a ruby. It has a tiny glass locket panel in the back, designed to hold a lock of hair. This is my engagement ring, and was presented to me at two in the morning when I was asleep.

I now know that John had been awake for a number of nights attempting to fit a piece of his own hair into the locket, researching Victorian techniques in a tangle of scissors and glue, and growing more maddened by the hour. His frustrations culminated in a sudden crack in both the glass panel and his endeavours, and a proposal in a state of absolute despair.

I have since glued the glass back together and like to believe that I have eternally preserved a man’s exact breaking point. I actually think this is far more romantic, and potentially useful, than any clichéd diamond-ring proposal.

Below are some other interesting rings, many more available for purchase in my SHOP.

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