Dusty Things in Evening Light

In recent evening sun my jumbled shelving system was looking particularly golden. Below are some photographs.


The mirror at the back is convex and good for spying on a whole room. The ceramic child’s head is a vase and the African figure is a large comb. There are lots of flowers and glass domes and small bones. The shelf above is a sturdy and practical long bookshelf built by my father. Because I have not tidied things in a while there is dust and the shelves are a bit of a clutter, most of the objects are my own but a few strays are available for purchase:-

The handsome mid-century wooden antelope (HERE)
A tiny brass elephant (HERE)
Small candle holder (HERE)
Hollywood regency brass pineapple trinket box (HERE)
Miniature three wise monkeys (HERE)
Egyptian etched eggcup (HERE)
Pair of Victorian salt bowls (HERE)

The glass case contains various pieces of 22ct gold jewellery, which will be available to buy at some point in the near future.

You can find more pictures on my FACEBOOK or TWITTER or PINTEREST



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