a demonstration

I am sure a lot of people are thinking “wow, I would like to buy probably all of Lil’s jewellery, but I just can’t figure out how to wear so much stuff all at once”. So I thought I would post a small every day demonstration..

It is perfectly feasible to wear three, if not four necklaces on any given occasion. In the pictures above I am wearing: a small rolled gold heart choker, a sterling silver sun, a long necklace with leaves, and a 22ct gold rope chain which I accidentally bought last week for 50p and am now making the most of. The earrings are big and gold and costume.. Bangles are another good way to up the number of things you are wearing; the ones pictured above are black cloisonné, horn+bone+wood inlay, amber coloured resin, and tiny wooden mosaic. Always at least one bangle, but usually not more than four – though we each have two arms. The rings are silver and amber and coloured stone. I reckon an average of eight rings is within the realms of being reasonable.

That’s sixteen pieces in total, counting the rings on the hand which was holding a camera. There are similar items available for purchase in my SHOP, and could easily be worn as part of your own classic sixteen piece look.

The kimono featured above is old silk and very nearly dead, but you can buy a less moth-eaten one HERE.

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