What We Learnt Whilst Shopping

I was determined that a wedding ring should be one of the very few pieces, perhaps the only piece, of brand new jewellery that I own. As it turns out I am not particularly good in proper retail shops; the lights are bright and the prices do not make sense, I panic, and the staff do not respond well to haggling.

In the end I bought my wedding ring from a flea market. It is an exact fit, the same 2mm band style as I had intended to buy but for a much for realistic cost. It had barely been worn and is 9ct gold, hallmarked and assay stamped, and acid tested by me just to be sure.

John’s ring involved a lot more drama. The first one we bought new from what I considered to be a reputable ebay dealer, however it did not test positively as gold and had to be returned and us refunded. We then went on a jewellery shop crawl round Edinburgh where we saw a lot of very beautiful antiques and learnt a few valuable lessons:

  1. One can’t just walk into posh antique shops; one lurks by the door in appropriately fine clothes looking as wealthy as possible until someone unlocks it.
  2. There are old men in nice suits sitting in leather armchairs in back-rooms examining papers. You feel proper by association.
  3. You can’t really pick stuff up and try it on.
  4. The mark-up on jewellery prices is insane.
  5. The more jewellery one is wearing when shopping, the more jewellery the salespeople assume one will be purchasing.
  6. Nobody wants to buy second-hand wedding rings, so nobody sells them.
  7. So instead of selling second-hand rings, they melt them down and remake the exact same ring in the exact same gold and call it “new”.
  8. To leave only six days before the wedding, and still be ring-less, is “pushing it”.

So after we had digested these points and contemplated second-hand gold and what, if any, significance the melting process has, and when we had had enough of the stuffiness of glass cases, John said that he wouldn’t personally buy from a pawn shop but would be fine acquiring a ring from a dealer who had. Being a dealer myself, I found a very fine ring in the perfect size, and of a much higher (thicker) quality than those we had previously observed.

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Sporting Fun

The picture at the top of this post depicts some of my ancestors playing French Cricket in 1907. The picture below shows various members of extended family playing French Cricket in 2012…


As you can see, people have always played French Cricket. You are probably wondering what jewellery would be appropriate to wear for this game, or any other sport for that matter. I would recommend any, if not all, of the following pieces which are conveniently available for purchase in my SHOP.

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Bridal Jewellery, Small Insect Themed Anarchy

I have always considered myself a small-scale anarchist. It is fun to break the tiniest unwritten rules in a purposeful, but almost entirely unnoticeable, way. Therefore, as I mentioned in a previous post, I will not be adhering to the pale and minimalistic traditional laws of bridal jewellery.

Here is my estimation. This looks like a lot of stuff, but bear in mind that it will be spaced out and I have a whole body between…

The earrings are my favourite, they are currently waiting for new hooks. The turquoise fly brooch is a good something blue and it belonged to my Grandma who RSVP’d affirmatively to our wedding but has since died; I am rather sad about that.

The heart shaped choker is rolled-gold with a small red bobble and is John’s favourite necklace because it looks like a hawthorn berry. The old looking stone pendant in a sterling silver filigree frame is a recent find and I like the shape. The long gold rope chain is properly scavenged treasure (solid 22ct, 50p) and a good yellow colour.

The thin gold bangle is 9ct and was also well scavenged (20p); finding gold like this makes me feel a bit like a pirate, but with marginally more morals. As a child I had a parrot for the same reason. The golden eagle bangle is not gold, but it is good. The large bangle is heavy solid bone from around the 1920s. Maybe it is odd to wear bone to a wedding, but it certainly is an intimate material and weddings are an ideal time to remember our insides.

I know that a bride should have bare fingers in preparation for a wedding ring, but bare fingers make me feel like I am in the bath, or very ill, or consciously about to get my hands dirty. I always wear too many rings, the ones above include amber, rose quartz, and a small antique gold bee-fly.

Insects for Men

You may think it odd for a groom to need jewellery, but John is an odd man. The small enamel bee, pictured below, he wears every day as a matter of course. The silver filigree butterfly I found last week and is quite a gentlemanly specimen anyway, and John is insistent that he must wear it. The purple rhinestone fly he has requested me to sew onto his sleeve.

Whether getting married or not, whether man or woman – you can find many similar, and also different, things to view or purchase in my SHOP.

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Jewellery for Nudes

The pictures below are part of a series of things I made and photographed ten years ago, thinking about nudity and some of its facets…

Naturally we are all quite naked. It has become human custom to try and disguise this fact, and nice jewellery can be good camouflage for flesh. If viewing the above parts of yourself has made you feel awkwardly bare, why not purchase some of the following distractions HERE….

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Accessories for Robots

If robots wore jewellery it might look like this…

If you are a robot and wish to purchase any of the above pieces, the majority of them are available in my SHOP.


Rain, Sunshine Colours, Arson

I often wonder, when I see fire engines on a rainy day, the origins of whatever flames. Perhaps it is the dismal weather which makes people inclined to set light to things, just to feel some warmth and watch them burn.

It is mid-June and it is wet and cold outside; to avoid having to start fires to feel happy, here are some nice colours to look at. It might make it feel more like summer if you dress as the sun. Most of the following are available for purchase in my SHOP.


Things for Thursday Morning

Here are some silvery things for Thursday morning viewing. I find Thursdays to be a middling sort of day when not a lot usually happens, and today is is grey and drizzling outside so is a good time to sit in the dry and look at these interesting and intricate little objects. Most of what is pictured below is available for purchase in my SHOP

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Creationism in Wood

When my mother worked as a wooden animal maker, she could frequently be overheard uttering such things as: “I’ve just got to finish these llamas”, “those elephant tusks need shaping”, “I must paint the crocodiles”. I like to imagine that a creationalistic God may have said exactly the same, and had the same issues with grain and the way an antelope’s horn can easily crack.

He probably took tea breaks between species, preferred the design stage to the laborious manufacturing of hundreds, and finally got fed up with not being credited artistically and quit.

On this subject, here are some small carved wooden animals, with many more available in my SHOP

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All OK with Wallflowers

There is nothing wrong with being a wallflower. I have noticed recently that wallflowers are some of the prettiest, although quietest, flowers in the garden. Above is a pendant made from one which was plucked from a corner, dried and pressed between old and heavy poetry books, and is now trapped behind domed glass. It has subtle yellow and purple coloured petals run with tiny intricate veins.

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