Rings are a good thing to fiddle with – they are like little anchors which remind you that your hands are still there, and consequently of your existence, and I think there is some comfort in that.

Below are a huge array of different rings, available for purchase in my SHOP. Postage is FREE in the UK, and relatively cheap worldwide. Click on an image to scroll through…

Rings can be worn on any finger, but different fingers hold different associations… for example, the little finger can symbolise family if wearing a signet ring, or organised crime (which I suppose is a little bit similar) if you are that way inclined. The left ring finger is obviously best reserved for what a decent person worth marrying might give you. The middle finger seems quite a safe bet for any ring, in palmistry it has properties of balance and justice. Rings on index fingers tend to have connotations of power and control, and thumb rings, I have always thought, show a little vanity (my own thumb included).

You can find more things, other than rings, on my FACEBOOK or TWITTER or PINTEREST


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