Minimalism Dreams

Sometimes I wish that I could be simple and elegant, the sort of lady who wears crisp clothes and clean lines and patent leather shoes which never scuff, and who somehow just knows that a single understated necklace is enough.

But that is not the case and it is difficult, and a lie, to deny my maximalist instincts. I like stuff. Below is a selection of some of the morning’s ornamentation options…

This is the top of my jewellery shelving system. The rather nice bird candlestick is a raku piece by Chris Barnes. You can find more of his stuff HERE.

Or if you just like a lot of sparkly things and complicated clutter, you can find similar vintage jewellery and trinkets HERE, with free postage within the UK and cheap worldwide shipping.

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2 thoughts on “Minimalism Dreams

  1. I personally was never a ‘hoarder’ but did have a lot of stuff: books, clothes, papers… Once I tasted minimalism is like getting a new freedom: for me was quite liberating and like having actual control over my life. I never regret anything I discarded. Actually once I started minimizing everything in my life improved – especially my writing and creativity. So one little tip: if you do want to minimize the number of things you have, pick the ones you don’t use that frequently and place them somewhere you will not have access to them every day – like attic or basement. If you do well without them and don’t need them, then you are ready to let them go. I have a rule that if I don’t use something for a year – it’s out. Give it a try if you really wish to go the minimalist route :)


    • Thank you for your minimalistic advice. I am not a hoarder either – I enjoy the general de-cluttering of boring everyday objects and papers, utensils and gear – but I do like to surround myself with an amount of beautiful and purposeless things. The daily use is in admiring their beauty. All of the above jewellery is worn regularly, often a lot of it at once – there’s the maximalism.
      : )

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