Crustacean Secrets

This is my second post on the subject of small coastal creatures. The first can be found HERE. I have not yet visited the seaside this year, but John and I are looking forward to our honeymoon on the isle of Islay. Here is what some of our last holiday there looked like…

We did a lot of poking and peering into rock-pools and found a large population of very small hermit crabs which we were both very pleased with. The long stick pictured is not for prodding animals by any means, it is just for moving weeds around and because generally when boys go to the beach they like to carry long sticks.

A honeymoon is a good escape from potential wedding embarrassment and the seaside is an excellent place to hide, as some of the species pictured below will agree. Here a selection of pieces featuring lobsters, starfish, octopus, shells, some sterling silver coral, and a small crab; all of which are available for purchase in my SHOP.

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