Etruscan Revival & a Wedding

In a previous post I explained in great detail my jewellery intentions as a bride. It was a good, and insect-based, and almost exactly accurate, estimation of what I wore. What I did not account for was that I would find this very beautiful Victorian Etruscan revival pendant just before the wedding. It is gold and very pretty and contains four square cut emeralds and one tiny pearl, it has a hinged section with chain tassels – one of which is missing – but it still would have made me a remarkable profit had I not decided that I rather liked it a lot and ought to keep it.

DSCF6840During the Victorian era I think the world was developing its interest in excavation, which coincided with all sorts of archaeological revivals, most pleasantly the Egyptian and the Etruscan with jewellers rediscovering some pretty excellent ancient techniques and designs. I would highly recommend a morning spent typing “Etrustcan Revival Jewellery” into a google image search.


To get the wedding subject over and done with, here is my  Something Borrowed, a tiny ladybird brooch from my mother, which is quite old and has an interesting spiral pin to the back…


 And bees for the cake and a bee for my father’s handkerchief…

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