Now We Cut Flowers in Case We Forget

Here is an interesting piece of jewellery.  It looks a little like a robot’s nipple. Age and origin unknown, but it is in the typical Victorian style of a mourning locket in a raised dome target shape with mechanical looking beading to the front. The design of this, and lack of anything similar found in research, suggests it may be a commissioned piece. Originally a brooch whose clasp is long gone, it has been modified to hang on a chain. It has no hallmarks or maker’s signature, but tests as sterling silver. To the back is a removable glass panel which, when I found this item, contained the photograph below…

DSCF5588Who knows who she is, but my guess would be somebody’s mother. The inside of the locket is also domed and marked with a hand-scratched X. I believe this sealed compartment may contain ashes or something else significant, but there is no way of getting in and, as is the way of mysteries, the wondering is more enjoyable than the knowing…

The glass panel now contains some tiny Brunnera flowers, or Jack Frost, blue and quite pretty, which I scavenged from my own mother’s garden and pressed between books and tissue paper…

The original photograph is included and has been placed behind the flowers. This item is available to purchase HERE.


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