You Always Were A Restless Fish

I enjoy most things related to the sea and its strange animals, and have recently been adding some fish to my SHOP.  Pictured below is a whole aquarium of gold, silver, enamel, glass, holograms and brass. Most are available for purchase at the link above. For other ocean creatures view this GALLERY, or for previous thoughts on the importance of fish, see the post Fuck Evolution.



Jewellery for Spacemen

You have probably wondered, at least once in your lifetime, what sort of jewellery you might wear if you ever travelled into space. The universe is a big expanse and, I feel, the sort of place where one would wish to dress up nicely. Well, here are some ideas. Personally I think opals and aurora rhinestones would be a fine choice. Lucky for spacemen, many of the items below are available for purchase in my SHOP.


Gold pt.2: Rolling Things

The second category (find part 1 HERE) is the layering of gold onto other metals. This is a bit like putting on a nice silk dress even though you know you are poor and your poly-cotton knickers might give that away. There are various techniques for applying gold to the outside of a piece, including: rolling, casing, fix, vermeil plating and inlaying.

Gilt or Gold Plate: either chemically or electrochemically, this is a thin layer of gold applied to a base metal. Gold Wash or Flash Gold: typically a thinner layer than plate, which will wear off rather quickly. Vermeil: gold plating onto sterling silver; this is a nice technique as when the gold begins to wear away you are still left with silver and the colour is often very pretty. Rolled Gold, Gold Overlay, Gold Cased and Gold Filled: are all a thicker layer of gold fused to a base metal. These usually look and feel and wear like solid gold; I’ve rarely found anything in rolled gold which shows any signs of base metal. Gold Fix: is thick and quite beautiful French rolled gold.

Here are some rolled and filled and plated and other things, all quite beautiful, many of which you can purchase in my SHOP

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Vanity (#3)

Here is a third, and final, dressing table themed post (part 1 and part 2 here). The importance of dressing tables is that it is a good thing to be surrounded by beautiful objects early in the morning. It is nice to wake to a small bubble of stillness and the reliability of ornaments. I think one’s own reflection can appear a little better too by association.

My own dressing table is more of a cluttered shelving system than an actual piece of proper furniture. It involves an old bookcase with boxes of jewellery and candlesticks and perfume bottles and a vase of eye make-up pencils.

Here are some things which have been conveniently isolated from their surrounding junk for your appreciation. You can find similar stuff in my SHOP


Vanity (#2)

The first dressing table specimen, view it HERE, was quite pale with silver things and pastel blue things and pearls. If that just makes you want to go back to sleep – here is a secondary, more colourful mock-up. There are red cats and an elephant, there is cinnabar and cloisonné and an Art Deco comb. There are pots to put things in and a wide-awake Japanese tribesman in enamel. All are available to purchase in my SHOP.

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Small Answers

So often I am asked the question: “what sort of jewellery should I wear on a day when I will be mostly constructing small sea-creatures from metal and glue, having possibly just a little glass of champagne for lunch, and then a nap?” Well if you haven’t already asked me this, I will pre-empt your imminent querying with the answer…

For this sort of a day it is good to wear multiple items of small jewellery in different metals. Small jewellery is good here because it focuses the eye on the right sort of scale for the miniature objects you are glueing. You don’t want your vision to exhaust itself zooming in and out of magnification all day. I’m sure that some people would say “perhaps you should wear no jewellery at all if you are using superglue” but that would be dull. Small jewellery, as well as the gentleman’s paisley robe, is also good for taking a nap as it generally doesn’t get too tangled up with unexpected sleep movements.

There are many other similar small items which you could purchase from my SHOP


Vanity (#1)

The morning ritual is an important one (see: The Breakfast Fantasy). To prepare one’s face for said breakfast, and all which lies ahead, involves some time spent preening and beautifying and generally not rushing. I have never understood anyone who can wake and jump into trousers and grab toast and run out of the house. It is good to have a period, between rising and actually doing anything proper, of being very still. The best piece of furniture for this purpose is a dressing table.

When I was younger I was particularly fascinated by my grandmother’s dressing table; there were rings and hairbrush sets and small ivory animals and boxes, and it had three mirrors angled different ways to see all sorts of reflections, and sometimes there were flowers on the corner. The necessary thing is that there was stuff to look at.

If you appreciate being very still and looking at all the stuff of a well decked out dressing table, then you might wish to purchase some of the following. Most are available in my SHOP.

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Gold pt.1: Shiny Stuff

Everyone likes gold. It is rare and expensive, but most importantly it is pretty. This post is the first of three categorisations which work their way up in terms of monetary value.

Part 1: Shiny Stuff, Not Gold.
There are plenty of things which are gold coloured and (financially) non-precious but still quite beautiful. These are usually either a base metal with a composition leaf, or brass or bronze or one of many other different alloys. The best imitation I have found is Pinchbeck – an alloy of copper and zinc, similar to brass but with the ratios altered to give a warmer colour.

Below are some nice things in all different golden metals and designs. Without the fussy gram-based pricing of gold, the worth of these pieces can be found purely in their aesthetics and history (which, in my opinion, is how all of the world should be weighed). Many are available for purchase in my SHOP

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