Gold pt.1: Shiny Stuff

Everyone likes gold. It is rare and expensive, but most importantly it is pretty. This post is the first of three categorisations which work their way up in terms of monetary value.

Part 1: Shiny Stuff, Not Gold.
There are plenty of things which are gold coloured and (financially) non-precious but still quite beautiful. These are usually either a base metal with a composition leaf, or brass or bronze or one of many other different alloys. The best imitation I have found is Pinchbeck – an alloy of copper and zinc, similar to brass but with the ratios altered to give a warmer colour.

Below are some nice things in all different golden metals and designs. Without the fussy gram-based pricing of gold, the worth of these pieces can be found purely in their aesthetics and history (which, in my opinion, is how all of the world should be weighed). Many are available for purchase in my SHOP

You can find more stuff on my FACEBOOK or TWITTER or PINTEREST


2 thoughts on “Gold pt.1: Shiny Stuff

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