Vanity (#1)

The morning ritual is an important one (see: The Breakfast Fantasy). To prepare one’s face for said breakfast, and all which lies ahead, involves some time spent preening and beautifying and generally not rushing. I have never understood anyone who can wake and jump into trousers and grab toast and run out of the house. It is good to have a period, between rising and actually doing anything proper, of being very still. The best piece of furniture for this purpose is a dressing table.

When I was younger I was particularly fascinated by my grandmother’s dressing table; there were rings and hairbrush sets and small ivory animals and boxes, and it had three mirrors angled different ways to see all sorts of reflections, and sometimes there were flowers on the corner. The necessary thing is that there was stuff to look at.

If you appreciate being very still and looking at all the stuff of a well decked out dressing table, then you might wish to purchase some of the following. Most are available in my SHOP.

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