Small Answers

So often I am asked the question: “what sort of jewellery should I wear on a day when I will be mostly constructing small sea-creatures from metal and glue, having possibly just a little glass of champagne for lunch, and then a nap?” Well if you haven’t already asked me this, I will pre-empt your imminent querying with the answer…

For this sort of a day it is good to wear multiple items of small jewellery in different metals. Small jewellery is good here because it focuses the eye on the right sort of scale for the miniature objects you are glueing. You don’t want your vision to exhaust itself zooming in and out of magnification all day. I’m sure that some people would say “perhaps you should wear no jewellery at all if you are using superglue” but that would be dull. Small jewellery, as well as the gentleman’s paisley robe, is also good for taking a nap as it generally doesn’t get too tangled up with unexpected sleep movements.

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2 thoughts on “Small Answers

  1. I love all this smaller stuff. I’m a smaller person, so all the big chunky jewelry looks like it is wearing me! all of these beautiful, tiny, more delicate pieces are more in proportion to my fingers and wrists. Thanks for posting these great photos!


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