Gold pt.2: Rolling Things

The second category (find part 1 HERE) is the layering of gold onto other metals. This is a bit like putting on a nice silk dress even though you know you are poor and your poly-cotton knickers might give that away. There are various techniques for applying gold to the outside of a piece, including: rolling, casing, fix, vermeil plating and inlaying.

Gilt or Gold Plate: either chemically or electrochemically, this is a thin layer of gold applied to a base metal. Gold Wash or Flash Gold: typically a thinner layer than plate, which will wear off rather quickly. Vermeil: gold plating onto sterling silver; this is a nice technique as when the gold begins to wear away you are still left with silver and the colour is often very pretty. Rolled Gold, Gold Overlay, Gold Cased and Gold Filled: are all a thicker layer of gold fused to a base metal. These usually look and feel and wear like solid gold; I’ve rarely found anything in rolled gold which shows any signs of base metal. Gold Fix: is thick and quite beautiful French rolled gold.

Here are some rolled and filled and plated and other things, all quite beautiful, many of which you can purchase in my SHOP

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