Gold pt.3: The Illusion of Value

The value in gold is that we value it. Alone it is not particularly useful, but we are societal animals with the need for a bartering system and historically gold was the obvious choice for coins, perpetuating our ideas of its worth. It is, seen through the tired eyes of an expensive psychological hangover, a very beautiful metal.

In my opinion, the best thing about gold is that finding it is like finding treasure. And wearing it is like being a pirate or an emperor, depending on how one feels that day.

Pure gold is soft and for strength it is alloyed with other metals, most commonly silver, copper, zinc and palladium or nickel. The different balances of metals produce different colours of gold (yellow, white, rose) and different caratage.

I could draw up some lists and tables of percentages and hallmarks and prices, but that would be dull and the most important things about gold is that it is shiny. Below are some beautiful pieces ranging from 9ct up to 22ct, many of which are available to purchase in my SHOP

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