My SHOP is described as “vintage jewellery and curiosities”, but the best of these things, in my opinion, are the pieces which are a combination of the two. Below is a selection of unusual finds, including: a Tuareg bangle, an ancient kohl bottle, a Victorian scarab ring, a 1960s hologram pendant, a fossilised fish, a silver moustache comb, an Edwardian chatelaine notebook. Most of which are available for purchase HERE.

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Being October it is getting darker earlier, and a little spookier in the evenings. Here are some interesting monsters and animal types which you would probably not like to bump into in the night. On the off-chance that you decide you would like to bump into them, maybe in the daytime or during a more sunlit season, they are available for purchase in my SHOP

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Portrait Of The Girl As An Old Brooch

Above is one of the worst paintings I have ever created. It is flat and skewgee and disproportioned, but it is nevertheless a portrait. I like portraiture to be a little grotesque or questionable. I also like the anonymity of forgotten faces trapped in old lockets.

Below are some people depicted in small pieces of jewellery, many of which are available for purchase in my SHOP.


In Case Of Fire…


Recently, when sirens were passing somewhere outside the window, I was wondering what things would I save if my flat was burning down? It is a clichéd question but possibly an important one. Obviously the most crucial things to save from a fire would be John, myself, probably the expensive whisky, and a selection of antique silk kimonos which I have deemed irreplaceable and would be useful if the flames had caught us naked. These things would all be easy to find in a fire. John is tall, I am me, the whisky is in the kitchen, and the kimonos hang by the door.

What I was worrying about was the jewellery. It is small and it is scattered everywhere. There are little piles of earrings and necklaces on various tables and cupboards and I have at least seven different disorganised jewellery boxes. Pictured what I reckon I would aim to escape with.

There are a few necklaces: from my mother, my brother, John, and my Grandma. There is a chain with beads from my father. There are brooches and things from at least two great grandmothers, a pendant I wore on my wedding day, and my very nice engagement ring. I selected them at roughly the same speed that a fire might eat me and it surprised me how little I was bothered about – though I would still prefer my flat not to burn down.

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