In Case Of Fire…


Recently, when sirens were passing somewhere outside the window, I was wondering what things would I save if my flat was burning down? It is a clichéd question but possibly an important one. Obviously the most crucial things to save from a fire would be John, myself, probably the expensive whisky, and a selection of antique silk kimonos which I have deemed irreplaceable and would be useful if the flames had caught us naked. These things would all be easy to find in a fire. John is tall, I am me, the whisky is in the kitchen, and the kimonos hang by the door.

What I was worrying about was the jewellery. It is small and it is scattered everywhere. There are little piles of earrings and necklaces on various tables and cupboards and I have at least seven different disorganised jewellery boxes. Pictured what I reckon I would aim to escape with.

There are a few necklaces: from my mother, my brother, John, and my Grandma. There is a chain with beads from my father. There are brooches and things from at least two great grandmothers, a pendant I wore on my wedding day, and my very nice engagement ring. I selected them at roughly the same speed that a fire might eat me and it surprised me how little I was bothered about – though I would still prefer my flat not to burn down.

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