Things for Spring

It is supposed to be spring but this morning it was snowing, so here are some mostly green things which you can sit inside and look at. Should you feel so inclined, the majority of them are available for purchase in my SHOP

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Derelict Findings

Recently John and I came to the important decision that we needed to find somewhere good to live. We had a limited budget (see my previous post on credit rating nonsense) and dreams of some sort of rural nest. Eventually, after browsing pages and pages of small and nearly identical terraced concrete structures with fitted kitchens and neatly fenced gardens, we came across this beautifully dilapidated cottage. It was badly advertised and the estate agents said that if we really did want to look round to just climb in through a window and go upstairs at our own risk. And we did. Also pictured below is the jewellery I felt appropriate for such an adventure; I wore a full length black silk dress as I wanted to feel a little like a burgler but also to fit in with the general dereliction of the place.

The cottage has been empty for at least forty years and contained all manner of interesting things (and a lot of junk), dating from the 1940s to the mid 70s. Below are a few items salvaged, most of which are available – now or soon – for purchase in my SHOP.